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The most popular questions are what can fit in the machine, how happy I am with the results and whether I miss having a true boil wash (no I don’t – I actually very rarely use the Sanitize temperature and doubt I’d do more than a handful of loads per year at 203F/95C). I changed rhe outlet for mine when when we got our Miele T9800. . I’m looking to buy the Miele as well but I’m wondering if it will be big enough for a family of 4. It really depends on how you prefer to do laundry. My offers to take that old washer and dryer off the new owner’s hands have yet to bear fruit, and Craigslist has been of little help. In https://www.amazon.com/review/R1YV9UY3MHGE7H, you say that it’s the only dryer you’d trust your wool to, but you also say that you don’t think it’s that different from other dryers. I’m not sure where you found the info that there was a 10 year warranty because each time I reached out to Miele they told me all my issues weren’t covered and said they only have a 1 year manufactures warranty. I use Melaleuca hd. I really want to be impressed for the money I have paid for it. Three years after, a second problem came up, again with the sealing rubber. The Miele washing machine and the heat-pump dryer are centered around Miele appliances’ core goal of caring for … In the meantime we had to wash our clothes at friends who were lucky enough NOT to have a Miele washing machine. >Fahrenheit! The 1215 is seems to be more dumbed down for the American market…lol. It depends what you're thinking of when you say "comforter". Maybe 50% longer. I regularly wash king sheet sets and duvet covers. permanent press with underwear and socks. Miele Little Giant Series PDR908SS 24 Inch Front Load Heat Pump Dryer with 4.59 cu. I can’t believe I have only now gotten around to writing this review of my Miele W3038 washing machine. On top of that, several manufacturers in the US had production issues that have led to class action lawsuits. If you’ve decided to go with a front loading machine, consider how often you need to wash very bulky items like King and Queen duvets and mattress pads or large area rugs. One thing I found was that my towels were not coming out as fluffy as they were with my top load machine. Thank you, Olga, for such an informative review. the upside would be the ability to run multiple loads at the same time. The current generation of Little Giants already has a firm place in many hotel laundries. Hi again Jan, sorry for the delay in responding. ), better at cleaning and gentler on fabrics, front loaders take much longer to wash a load, cost more upfront and can have mold/smell issues. 5. It looks a lot like this: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/izakaya-kou-san-francisco?select=WbzEL9huH-nRXxwYOxEeww But you can adapt this to lots of things. I’m so happy I will NOT have to deal with you and your “premium” products in the future, Thanks for providing information about washing machines. Height: 33 1/2 … People who are used to basically “no maintenance” top loaders don’t always find it easy to adjust to the care a front loader needs. Hey Olga! They used the bikes from age 2-4. After doing my homework, I bought a Miele set (and stacking kit, and 220V splitter). Pros for the Little Giant— more durable, faster (since it can heat the water faster and hotter), more flexibility and choices about how it operates (want to specify 4 rinses for your cotton loads and a pre wash and a pre rinse? The w1 t1 are most likely going to be less expensive. The Miele Little Giants are capable machines, and can get the loads done faster than than a W1/T1 pair, but they also have more demanding installation requirements. Your paying for the better components. We are looking for light-medium sized commercial washing machine and dryer. Debut. The washer sounds like a jet engine and is spitting out oil from below. There’s even a Miele Cheat Sheet out there that can guide you! And correct – you can set Delicates to Warm, and yet it will be tap cold no matter what you select. For those that do, you will get more cycles out of the little giant due them being shorter in length. Feeling completely unsatisfied from the company and the washing machine, I sold it to get rid of trash I bought at the price of gold. Code won’t allow you to plug in 2 208/220v appliances on the same connection. The number one reason why I love the machine so much is just how well it washes. Miele Professional leads the way in the develop - ment of innovative technology and meets the high- est demands in washing, dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection in industrial and residential applications. The w1 will have other capabilities such as twindos detergent dispensing, intensewash (recirculating water), WiFi app, etc. We bought our Whirlpool Cabrio washer/dryer 4 1/2 years ago. Meh. It could simply be that didn't have the option for the w1 or t1. I tried to answer all of these questions in the review, but if there’s anything you’d still like to know please feel free to reach out to me via the comments or Contact form. Performance is everything. The Little Giant requires a 220V connection and is able to heat water all the way up to 203F/95C, allowing for a true boil wash. The 20,000 hours now means the machine should last 54 years. 2 hours to do half the load of a full size washer seems to be a really long time. Best, it can be served hot or cold, so the steaming can be done in advance with a whole carton of eggs if you like, and in no time you can have 12 elegant summer appetizers done if entertaining. After researching this, I found that many people experience this and there are a few solutions out there to help. Aw, I’m sorry you’re upset about the machine breaking down on you. Without knowing how many hours are on the machine it’s life in years doesn’t mean a whole lot. See what a showroom, delivery, service & install experience looks like during COVID-19. None of these are essential features, but they are nice to have and the little giant won’t have them. The issue is reliability. She answered, and I quote: “Miele is not afraid of this kind of reviews. I swapped to a four prong. This has me concerned. I learnt lot of things, I read your site and it’s interesting one you made a great site I am impressed by your thoughts they are amazing and help us I like your ways and posts thanks for these posts they are useful to us. That’s such a great post and discussion in the comments section. Mostly on cycles that need water heating. I personally have used front loaders my whole life and find the technology superior, but nothing is perfect – while more efficient (front loaders can use as much as 5 times less water per cycle compared to top loaders! W1/T1 is a very innovative consumer machine. Saving up for my dream washer/dryer and I need advice... Help! Your comment definitely made me chuckle. Also, a long-lasting machine by a manufacturer doesn’t mean they are still building them with the same durability in mind. I usually crack that into bowl, and there will be some loose white that cooked onto the inside of the shell that I scrape out with a small spoon (don't like to waste!) I own a T1 dryer and no cycle has taken more than 75-80 minutes. I will definitely report back about my set especially for the heat pump dryer! Once again, probably incredibly not helpful, but if tomorrow we moved into a house with a dedicated laundry room and option to have a vented dryer I’d probably keep the Miele for smaller loads and delicates and get a large vented dryer for regular loads and towels. As if a washing machine rolls on its door sealing rubber. I get similar longevity, but can push much more laundry through in the same amount of time. I hear the drums size will be slightly bigger. You’ll notice that the Electrolux will have less of a “high end” feel in terms of build quality, but it’s quite a bit less expensive and also comes in a larger size. 19 people have just visited and marked this review as helpful. I would just watch the last rinse water to see if there are many bubbles near the door. Speaking of dust allergies (me too) I came here looking for your reccs for anti-allergen detergents. The extra moisture seems to help the towels fluff in the dryer. Miele offers only two residential washing machine options in the United States: the Miele W3038 and the Miele PW6065  Little Giant. The first problem appeared 8 months after I bought it: a lot of water was licking through the door of the w/m on the kitchen floor. The only option use to be to run a complete new cycle. Thank you for all of your research! Sorry if this answer isn’t very helpful. I paid over $2000 Cdn in 2008 for this machine for all the positive reasons cited above when my Kenmore tanked after only 8 years – I was going to get some real longevity out of my next machine!! We have medium hard water, and I’ve found that I can usually use about 1/2-2/3 of the recommended dose of detergent and only about 1/4 of the lowest recommended dosage of fabric softener. Apparently I used the washer too much (only 3 loads/week). I keep my islands slightly shorter (an inch or so is enough). However the “ride” (in our case the washer performance) will be significantly nicer, and that is reflected in the price premium. Search. You know, I’ve had the Miele dryer for a little over 2 years now, and I still haven’t figured out just how I feel about it. Im also very interested in the Speed Queen and as you’re a self confessed laundry nerd and live in the US I wonder if you have any thoughts on this reportedly high quality brand??? Little Giant and W1/T1 are two different machines in every way.. Little Giant is a true commercial machine. I also have the newer 1215 with the matching electric dryer. We will very likely purchase a little Giant set to replace the ones we have only because we want to be proactive and are having a remodel done that just makes sense to replace the units. I think I could buy a new washer with what I paid for repairs. I paid €110 and I replaced it. European machines offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to settings, while in the US Miele limits those quite a bit, probably in an attempt to avoid any potential lawsuits. When I re-washed a few of the items in the sink, the water ran dirty. trying to decide arrangement of cabinets. Washers are the few appliances I want to take with me if I move. I also suspect that the SQ’s noise level might be problematic, but I don’t have any good data on that. The w1, cycle for cycle, compared to the little giant will have almost the same ratio of clothes that can be loaded. This will roughly be 550 hours per year. However, there is a 9Kg model with A+++ efficiency for £1999 but that is by far the most expensive washing machine I’ve ever seen in the UK. For two people, it's great. Thank you for your helpful information. I personally would still hire an electrician as he or she may have additional experience to anticipate what things could possibly go wrong when modifying a circuit for added current, or adding a new one altogether, and may also know about local building practices and materials used over the years. The installation instructions and manual specify what type of connection is needed and may give you more information about whether you can. Hope these are minor issues . While it’s great to hear stories like yours, I personally wouldn’t count on any appliance lasting that long. I now live in Australia, and have a Miele front loader, which is excellent. If you average your wash time and say it takes 1.5 hours per load (some longer, some shorter), then you will be putting 3-6 hours on the machine per day. I love your blog…are you still updating it? Never again Miele. I really think that as long as you are comfortable with a front loader you will most likely love the machine as much as I do. Yale Appliance Store, in Boston, Massachusetts features a wide variety of Full Size including the Miele PW6065 SS. Their individual look after required persons boosts them to a different degree to provide the completeness of human life. However, if you have a machine that is properly designed, mold can be prevented in just three easy steps: The rubber gasket of my 18 month Miele W3038 washer: no sign of mold. Bought a Miele today . I was sad to hear (according to repair folks and reviews) that Bosch was a piece of junk and that I was fortunate to have mine for a decade. It’s sad that I have become such good friends with the Miele repair man and he isn’t recommending their machines. Most of these things are pretty simple if you know what your doing. I just bought a Bosch, I did notice that cleaning was not as through and it does not dry/spin the laundry as well as the Miele machine. Just to give you some background, laundry has always been my favorite chore, but when I moved in with my now husband our condo did not have a washer. However it won’t let you do this if water levels or temperature is too high, so you don’t flood the room or burn yourself. What else should I be looking at? DrainVac's Little Giant provides an unparalleled quiet vacuuming experience due to sound suppression by the power unit's acoustic foam lining. - Olga's Laundry Blog, https://www.amazon.com/review/R1YV9UY3MHGE7H, https://shop.technikgalerie.de/haushaltsgeraete/waschen-trocknen/waschmaschinen/f/manufacturer/Miele.html, An Ode to Oxygen Bleach: My Favorite Laundry Additive - Olga's Laundry Blog, https://www.miele.de/media/ex/de/prospekte/2018_10/Waeschepflege_Fachhandel_10_18/pdf/Miele%20D%20Waeschepflegegeraete%20fuer%20Haushalt%20und%20Kleingewerbe%20Oktober%202018.pdf, Miele W1 Washing Machine - Miele W1 Washing Machine Review | Real Homes. @H Seattle: I have one 208 V connection in my laundry closet. 3: If scratchy towels are annoying you, try to give them a good no detergent wash at the warmest temp you feel comfortable with and spin at a lower spin speed. I followed your link from Quora on a question that I also answered. You say in the original review that the customer service department in the USA leave you wanting. we have been experimenting and I think it’s because he mixed loads, ie. Can you elaborate more on that? I would recommend it for everyone! We had Miele washer/Dryer/dishwasher for 20 years! Miele European Standard Capacity W3038 Washing Machine. I wanted to let you know I ended up ordering a W1 WWF060. Your little one will learn balance quicker than ever with Miele’s Runway. Hi Rebecca! 1 0. If you purchased your units on or after 10/14/19 go grab that $100 per machine rebate and free detergent. We have a new W1 and T1. As for as the electrinity hookup of the current little giant , can you safely hook it up yourself without an electricIan ? Detergent and fabric softener residue can over time harm the machine, so you really want to play around with just how little you need. In any case I’m sure you will love your new set and once again congrats on the purchase! If if you have the patience, I would read both manuals and compare them (keeping in mind the issues described in the big W1 thread where users have found that the machine does not function exactly as the manual describes). Samsung Customer Service had no clue what the speed was. My name is Olga and I am a huge laundry nerd. For instance, if you choose Warm it will not be exactly 40 Cs etc? There was a delayed timer which was great in our area, as we have different electricity rates at different times of the day. I rarely use fabric softener anymore. That’s probably the reason I still haven’t gotten around to doing a full review! It make a huge difference.. Thanks for your comment and apologies for taking so long to get back to you. That is 1000 to 2000 hours per year. So would you need a special 240 V connection for the washer , or would a standard 240V connection be fine ? Me, personally, if I was going to pay the money for a professional level machine I would want something larger than the little giant. The little giants on the otherhand will have Slightly shorter cycle times. We used the Wrinkle Free setting. You are correct about the domestic machines. However, there are many much cheaper front loading washing machines. The unit laundered a family of 4 and 3 dogs with absolutely no issues so the capacity thing is only a limitation if you don’t sort your laundry and throw it all in one big batch. I think the best way to go is to visit your local Miele dealership and bring a hamper of clothes with you to see how much you can fit and if that will work for you. I am at very early stages of figuring the washer out. Also look into pocket and small French doors inside of full size. you will need two lines for the washer and dryer - separate . Seems easy enough to install myself, but does that void the warranty or are there certain factors that make a DIY installation ill advised? I also contacted Miele in Germany via message on their facebook page, and their answer was a pdf document with the list of the parts that are covered by the 10 years warranty. Super white, whites and gentle wash on everything else. I had to replace my 2006 Bosch washing machine. I’ve been meaning to try some All powder as well, since I do prefer powders to liquids. The Miele machines are made for 20 years of use. I lived in Europe for years, where front loaders is what you get. Miele W3038 Washer Overview Miele offers only two residential washing machine options in the United States: the Miele W3038 and the Miele PW6065 Little Giant. A repeat browse through makes sure added advantages. So, if you do a load every day (average) and you buy the w1 and use the normal program and then assume a cycle time of 1.5 hours. its Hard to ignore the price issue, though. Take the same scenario from about but shorten the cycle time to 1 hour. The Little Giant also packs a mighty punch, as it provides high suction power and water lifts up to 190". 026/2013. Considering that with children your water heater is most likely set to 120F, you can imagine the hottest washes you’ll get without the help of a built in heater… Probably at most the equivalent of Miele Warm (104F)! Accessories and Cleaning Products . I am attaching a photo of the magic corner, toe kick drawers, and a kitchen where the standard height uppers were moved to the ceiling and open shelves under. These are especially nice above the SubZero TC700. I’m allergic to dust mites, and a proper sanitize cycle is important for me. Think You Don’t Have Space for a Statement Bath? Regarding front-load vs. Anyway, I replaced the rubber. The excellent cleaning performance and the very gentle treatment of textiles surpass all demands placed on commercial laundry-care systems. Is there one? The Hygiene washing machine offers special-purpose disinfection programmes and is approved to WRAS category 5. User manuals file type: PDF. I think that is pretty good. We haven’t adjusted the spin speeds. So we spent several years using a wash and fold service (you can read more about that here) till I finally got my Miele W3038 washer and T8023C dryer as a wedding gift. I wrote to Whirlpool which was useless. If you don’t mind taking those to the laundromat when they need to be laundered, and the Euro compact size works for you, the Miele W3038 is really a fantastic option. I’m not sure where you’re seeing anything about a 10 year warranty in my post. The Little Giant requires a 220V connection and is able to heat water all the way up to 203F/95C, allowing for a true boil wash. Hi Claire, I’m thinking it’s either of two things (or a combination of both): overloading the drum or too high spin speeds. Contributor. 7 kg Washing machines are getting more and more efficient every year and I think that it’s probably better for my wallet to buy a new machine every 8-10 years than every 20 years. do the local residential electrical codes allow it, and are the wiring options cost effective when compared to doing two separate circuits). The Normal/Cotton cycle can take the full 17 lbs, but the WrinkLe Free cycle can only take half that (8.8 lbs), the Delicates cycle can manage a load size of 6.6 lbs and Darks/Denim can be loaded up to 4.4 lbs.. PERSONAL STORY I’m super excited that you have some new laundry gadgets to play around with. Thanks Julia, I hope you will enjoy your Bosch appliances more, although as you can already tell they are just not in the same class performance-wise as Miele. Thank you for all you posts and research. In my opinion, both times, the problem was caused by design and/or quality issues. Not to mention the fact that both times it took around 12 days to replace the sealing rubber. Whether they're available in the US remains to be seen, though if past product debuts are any indication it's likely that some version of the Generation 6000 washer and dryer will be on sale here in a few years. Hello from Germany. If I understand you correctly in the OP said they were getting the regular washer w3048, and a Little Giant dryer. Little Luxuries: Get Ready for Your Close-up With Lighted Mirrors, Working With Pros: When You Just Need a Little Design Guidance, Trends Shmends....Kitchen trends over the years, Dilemma: Recessed Medicine Cabinet On Wall Next to Vanity Mirror. I noticed that the sealing rubber of the door was cut (pic 1). Basically you want to make sure you buy a washer with an internal heater, and you might want to look into adding some oxygen bleach to your whites. The emergency release didnt work – at all. The only brand that seems to have few negative reviews is Miele. Someone mentioned keeping islands and countertops the same height. I understand your perspective and appreciate your feedback but some things dont seem right about this experience. That is another brand I have found lasts indefinitely. it took me a while to experiment with all of the settings and figure out which to use for daily loads. That’s just me though. It’s not 30 minutes, but it is acceptable. When I hear “Our xxxx brand lasted 30 years” I have to wonder just how much laundry it actually did. At the same time in the US we have access to larger machines, and many people are used to them. Plenty of plastic being now used. My husband always jokes that Miele should just hire me already. I find them very usefull for things you don;t use often, for holiday bakeware, etc but I use low sided drawers and put labels on the underside of what is in each drawer. This makes it confusing. We had to replace the mother board once in the washer. Vacuuming the coils every 6 to 12 months is the only maintenance it has required. Thank you for the high praise Chad! I have both machines (in different locations). It should ; it’s a lot more expensive. There are pros and cons to both, you just have to decide what works best for you. Or, I could run one Little Giant washer (4,000 to 5,200 watts), or one Little Giant condenser dryer (3,680 watts), but not both running full blast at the same time as it would exceed the 6,240 watt limit. Or do you just do the hot wash/hot dry routine? Be the first. From what I have learned, this leaves a little more moisture in the towels, similar to a top load washer. The Miele professional line appliances are rated for 30,000 hours as well. Using the Miele W3048 how can you program the spin cycle to respin (some things are still very wet) after the washer has stopped? MIELE W1 WCA030 7 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine | £649.99 £599.99 (save £50) at Currys PC World This Black Fri-yay deal at Currys PC World has got us in a spin. Has Miele quoted you the cost of repair? What would you say is the current closest competitor to Miele? One more comment: Program Mode is not available on the W3038. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 4kg machine here! It's got a large capacity and a bunch of features that make it easy to just pick the load type (like what kind of clothes are in it) and start the load. No. One thought about the dryer – if I can’t get right to hanging/folding the laundry as the dryer finishes, I’ll run a Fluff cycle or two (or three… or four…) to keep the clothes moving till I can get to them. Capacity, 11 Wash Cycles, 1,400 RPM, Sanitize Cycle, Wrinkle-Free Program, Automatic Load Control, 24-Hour Delay Start, Honeycomb Drum Light and Stainless Steel Honeycomb Wash Drum: White . Does that sound like it could be the case? Not sure if my story was at all helpful, but if you don’t have direct Miele service your experience (if you do have to fix the machines) will vary greatly based on your local contractors…. As for larger capacity front loaders, I hear great things about Electrolux! I have a tiny place and definitely need a 24″ compact washer and ventless dryer. While pricey, it is very efficient and incredibly gentle on clothes, and Miele is a trusted brand with a long history of making some of the best washers in the world. I am new to these machines as well and you are correct, there is a learning curve involved with their use to get results that meet your expectations (I’m a guy and love to play with setting so this was an exciting project for me). It lasted about a month. This would be good for larger families, small businesses (hair salons, vets, etc.). (Unless you’re like me and have a bit of a problem.). It also gives a lot more flexibility with the programs, but that comes at a price – the Little Giant washer starts at $3745, while the Miele W3038 is $1999. The oversized US option was not a good move, but the little giant was. I think I already have this electric line running to my W1986. ft. Capacity, Honeycomb Drum, Low Consumption Values, PerfectDry System, Intelligent Dryers, Short Program Cycles, Energy-Saving Heat-Pump System, and M Touch Flex Controls: Stainless Steel No reviews yet Write a review! I’m really surprised how much you have to pay in North America for a front loader. Miele washing machines are always worth the money spent. It is so hard to determine from internet reviews what longevity means in a washer/dryer set. Is it true that this unit will wash a king size sheet set without any problems at all? It has needed a few repairs in its life, all were done promptly, and affordably. I was very impressed with what I read except that one particular reviewer was constant commenting about the lack of water and how could clothes get clean if they were not bathed in water, only saturated? You mention tall pots. (taken from a miele website). The Little Giants have similar restrictions depending upon cycle chosen, with full capacity available on cotton and some other cycles. Miele special bagless vacuum cleaners What should your vacuum cleaner be able to do? For me, top load is usually smaller than front load. Now we need a new washer but at our age do not want one that will last us so long I always had white whites which was marvelous. The main question you need to ask yourself if if you will need the 20,000 hours life of the little giant. Any other thoughts/ guidance? We paid $3500 for the washer/dryer set in 2008. Miele breaks this out in their german catalog on page 63: https://www.miele.de/media/ex/de/prospekte/2018_10/Waeschepflege_Fachhandel_10_18/pdf/Miele%20D%20Waeschepflegegeraete%20fuer%20Haushalt%20und%20Kleingewerbe%20Oktober%202018.pdf. So here are the things that in my opinion Miele did not get right with the W3038: So this is a fun one. Hi Olga, It takes 58 minutes to wash and about 50 minutes to dry. It really is very gentle on fabrics – I have no issues with trusting my most delicate cashmere sweaters to the W3038 and I no longer hand wash anything. Miele G 4998 Scvi Classic Plus 3d Fully Integrated Dishwasher G4998 . I have no complaints on the performance. When the representative of Miele in Cyprus told me on the phone that this issue (the 2nd one) is very common and natural, I asked her if she didn’t mind if I published the story online. With a large amount of Laundry to do, I would much prefer to run colors and whites at the same time instead of back to back. I even washed my wedding dress in it! Stackable: Yes. Longevity of machines should NOT be listed in years. So the very short summary of the above Miele washing machine review is that I would absolutely recommend the Miele W3038 washer to anyone who is considering a compact front loader. Bosch vs Miele Compact Washer and Dryer Comparison (2020 Review) By … Repair coata would be much higher then what this thing was still worth. It comes with 18 programmed wash settings (including Custom, which lets you select water temperature and spin speed). Miele W3038 Washing Machine Review: Is It Worth the High Cost? I often wonder what the inside of the machine looks like…at least no smells. The T1 dryer times will be longer than the little giant condensor. I have easily spent more than twice the original cost of the Miele washing machine in repairs. I certainly could not. Width: 23 1/2 Inch. I am a new owner of Miele washer and dryer (basic model). Even if it breaks the next time I use it, I’ll consider that I’ve had good value. I’ve always been jealous of my mom’s 10-15 year old Miele which displays the exact temperature (30-40-50 C) and exact spin speeds (No Speed – 400 – 600 – 800 etc.). We ordered this Miele Little Giant dryer as part of a bundle for our newly renovated laundry room and it works perfectly! I’ve also determined its strengths and weaknesses and have figured out the optimal settings for my daily needs. Are you looking at the SQ front loaders? It sounds like you will have the perfect home and garden for heirloom living. The circuit breaker is rated at 30 amps. They also suggested that I caused the problem, because I didn’t know the right way to put the clothes in and pull them out of the washing machine!!!!!! Thank you so much for the awesome comment! They don't have to be exactly the same), I'm reading about a LOT of love for the Little Giant, The LG has limitless options and you can apparently adjust the water level, It's pretty expensive and people worship them, so I feel there might be something better about these than the w1 t1, but I'm not sure! That’s for a 7Kg load with 1400rpm spin speed. P.S. The little giant has “recommended” max loading just like the w1. Our last Miele washer/dryer set lasted 10 years and had 15,700 hours on the washer and around 8000 hours on the dryer. I sort my laundry, throw the clothes in the washer, decide which detergent I’ll be using (not always easy) and clothes come out clean and fresh. Keep in mind the w1 cycles will be longer than the little giant washer. I have looked through consumer reports and the like but I feel some customer rating are only the individuals that have had a bad experience with their product. But now, washing machines and tumble dryers with a 6.5 kg load capacity can for the first time be connected to a hotel's energy management system. Unfortunately I am no laundry nerd and I just like to get done with it with as less effort as possible. @delray33483 I keep reading that the Little Giants are commercial machines but they seem to have very small capacity. Years later it’s still the best source of info on the Miele W&D. Hello Olga On the one hand, I don’t think there’s any other dryer out there that I’d trust cashmere and true delicates to. The slightly longer version is this: if you are looking for a new washer, the first thing to do is decide whether you are comfortable with a front loader or top loader. Then only 6 months later, it wouldn’t spin, I find that the brushes were gone. No problems whatsoever, though there is not a lot of room left over to add other items. The made in Germany build quality is fantastic – every little detail is polished to perfection, and it is incredibly quiet when running. As far as I can tell, the only competitor to Miele in terms of build quality is Speed Queen. Thanks for the reply, Olga. Over the weekend we spent over an hour at a local appliance shop that specializes in laundry, and learned so much! >It doesn’t tell you vital things like what the agitation type and water levels are, it doesn’t >show you the actual spin speeds, and it even doesn’t give you the temperatures in We do not have Miele service in the DC Metro area for some odd reason, so had to go through a third party and oooh boy was it a process. I’ve had my Miele 1986 washer for over 12 years. We have question for you. Always keep the washer door open (preferably wide open, but even slightly ajar is better than closed) and at the end of the day remove the detergent tray as well, allowing for as much air circulation as possible. It’s a fantastic machine that you will love, and that will last you a really long time. The Miele Little Giants are capable machines, and can get the loads done faster than than a W1/T1 pair, but they also have more demanding installation requirements. Didn’t think twindos warranted the extra $300! That means I would most likely buy two sets of w1/t1. We all know that is unrealistic. User manuals file type: PDF. I didn’t realize that you had SQ top loaders in Australia! Hi Jan! 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I am afraid I am far from impressed by the washer so far. >Also it doesn’t mention very important things like that the built-in heater does not engage on >certain cycles (Normal, Delicates, Silk). Our new 3038 is coming in a few weeks, although I wish the Little giant was only slightly more as it use to be to get the slightly larger drum. While SQ does offer larger capacity, and is at least a kilobuck less, I’m tempted to declare their lack of an integrated water heater a deal-breaker. Miele Little Giant PWM 507 The Miele PWM 507 is Miele’s new award winning Little Giant commercial washing machine from their Performance line. Created by a veterinarian, ecofriendly and effective for dogs, cats, birds, puppies and kittens. Was this helpful? Long Overdue Update: Welcome Baby Mila Rose! >>> I can’t speak for a king sized comforter but the unit will wash a queen top cover, the queen fitted sheet, and 6 pillow shams all at the same time while indicating it isn’t quite full. For me this is a dealbreaker, but some people love their Speed Queens, they have a bit of a cult following here. Any thoughts about the vibration/ noise level? In my machines I can wash all queen sized bedding. That was a year and a half ago, and in that time I’ve really gotten a chance to test out the Miele W3038. Miele aims to meet your personal needs for room hygiene as perfectly as possible, which is why Miele offers a variety of vacuum cleaners with special features. Thanks so much in advance and thanks for all of your super-helpful posts. Service technicians that service Miele tend to be few in my area and want to make the best choice for a new machine. They insisted that I should pay for the rubber. Seeing how the user satisfaction reviews are leaning at this time, I wonder about the utility of having a mixed set, with the Miele Little Giant washer connected to the 208/240 V outlet that is normally used for a conventional electric vented dryer, and a T1 heat pump dryer connected to the 110-120 V outlet that is normally used for the laundry washer. I had my Miele washing machine for 3 years. This never happened in our 20+ year old basic machines. I’ve spent a better part of yesterday reading through all your laundry posts, and want to thank you for all the information! So this is definitely something to take into consideration. All we know is if we come into some serious money, or a dairy farm, the Miele Little Giant washing machine and dryer is right there with Lakers season tickets on our short list of lottery spending fever items. We didn’t end up with the Miele because ultimately the Blomberg set we got was a little bigger (10 kg) and less of a shock for me in terms of size, but I was super impressed with all the European machines. Without an internal heater we would need to use bleach to disinfect and that would eat through the material in short order. Where are you located? The Little Giant is a machine I would love to have. They dod aomething with the pump and the very next day machine triggered the Aqua Stop due to pump lealage. My Miele machine has worked wonderfully so far. The W1 is able to keep up if we feed it every day. Thanks for the thoughtful review. Probably not, and repairs will be much more expensive. I was very happy with the performance of my Miele (model W3033) until last week. Another Miele mystery! Not sure if the lineup is any different from what we have here, but one very important difference between SQ and Miele front loaders here in the US is that the SQ does NOT have an onboard water heater. Motherboard free, installation $120. The Little Giant is deeper than the regular Miele washer. One thing that can mask how much detergent is remaining in clothing on the last rinse is fabric softener. That right there is close to convincing me to buy this washer. What about the dryer? I paid a lot for the washer/dryer. Detergent is a large factor as well, I do have the persil megaperls color as my everyday and I have had to watch my dosing as it is more concentrated than you would think. I am so passionate about my washer that I always want to share that with people, and any guests that come over get the mandatory tour of my “laundry closet”.

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