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That’s because it contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which lower triglyceride levels as well as help reduce inflammation throughout the body and support brain health. Other vital content in pomfret fish is numbers of vitamin. Now, I will surely include the fish in my routine diet and gain huge benefits. Iron present in silver pomfret is important for red blood cell formation. Her success prompted her to pursue the subject professionally, leading her to a BSc in Home Science followed by an MSc in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. You can also choose from frozen. Therefore, we need to control by consuming foods that can bind the cholesterol. However, it will be better if we stimulate it naturally. Increased Vitamin B12 makes it important for the nervous system. Latest research done in Japan Food Research Laboratories shows that the omega 3 content in Japanese pomfret fish is the highest of all, with 2,56 grams of omega 3 fatty acid. Calories per serving of Grilled Black Pomfret 140 calories of Fish, pomfret, (100 gram(s)) 4 calories of Turmeric, ground, (1 grams) 0 calories of Salt, (1 grams) There are 93 calories in 1 100g of Pomfret, white, raw. Start consuming it in small portions and watch out for any reactions. Such as, giving the kids a balanced nutrition, one of the way to do this is by giving them the pomfret fish. The omega 3 is a nutrition that is really needed by the body, however, the body can’t produce it thus we need to obtain it from other sources. Consuming tuna on a regular basis is not recommended. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes. Your email address will not be published. You may eat tuna, but in limited quantities, since it is high in mercury. There you go to know the health benefits of Pomfret Fish. Required fields are marked *, At the heart of HealthifyMe’s platform is the World’s First & largest Indian Calorie Tracker, which allows users to track their food, exercise and weight, easily via their smartphone or computer while continuously analyzing the user’s data and provide powerful insights that ensure that users stay within their calorie/nutrition budgets.Contact us: +1 800-419-9501Email:, Talk to a certified Health Consultant today for. The next time you buy Pomfret, we hope you would be able to tell the Pontian’s Chinese Pomfret from others and enjoy the taste whist knowing the immense health benefits it has to offer. The contents of vitamin D in it can also help children to grow taller. Ritu, who battled weight issues, acne and other health issues as an adolescent, managed to overcome these problems through changes in diet and lifestyle. It also contains good amount of iodine, critical for the thyroid gland. This fish is capable to prevent the cancer cells from multiplying in your body. Farmed fish, which you think would be safer, are also fed the same diet of growth hormones, antibiotics and other foods that are not found in their natural habitat and therefore should be avoided. Can I take it regularly ? Therefore, consuming his fish everyday can help you to make sure that you have the omega 3 you needed. There are three types: silver, grey and black pomfrets. Basa is another name for Bass. I’m ttc and Expecting pregnancy test will be positive. Black pomfret provides calcium, vitamins A and D, and B ¬vitamins, including Vitamin B12, vital for the nervous system. Disclaimer | Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. Serving Size : 1 fish (137g) 230 Cal. Black Pomfret Fish. Ritu completed a training programme with All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) before working with Fortis Hospital, and the Nutrition Foundation of India. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. The taste of fish excites me, but I had no idea that there are some fish that we should avoid. Log Food. is it good to consume sardine fish on regular basis, shruti ji l am 32 year old and my tg level is 380 doctor recomend me to eat fish which one is best for me. Child’s Brain Growth. Black Pomfret [C. Parastromateus niger] Actually not a Pomfret but a Pompano (the two families look a lot alike), this is an Indo-West Pacific fish ranging from the north coast of Australia to southern Japan and from Africa to Borneo. This fish contains a moderate amount of mercury and can be consumed in 6 or fewer servings per month. highly informative article. Shall I give it to my kid? Properties of Halwa. Even the vitamin D2 and D3 types are capable to decrease the risk of skin diseases such as psoriasis. . The content of calsitriol in vitamin D that is produced by the pomfret fish can also function for the immune system modulator. : Calorie breakdown: 58% fat, 0% carbs, 42% protein.

Lean, Firm-textured Fish. Thus Pomfret is good for eyesight and healthy hair and skin. Silver pomfret is lean source of protein and it contains omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial for the brain development of the baby if the new mothers are breastfeeding. SMS International - Offering White Vavval / Pomfret Fish, पोंफ्रेट फिश at Rs 400/kilogram in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. One of the causes of heart disease is the spots that happens on the blood vessels. Put in this 2 tablespoon water and make a thick paste. In case if you miss this: One Acre Farming Model, Income, Profit, Ideas. Serving Size : 100 g. 99 Cal. 0 %--Carbs. Hi, what is mahi mahi fish ?how much of mercury does it contain ?is it safe to eat ? I fear that i should stop eating it altogether and rather eat fish oil meds. Silver Pomfret is also called white Pomfret. It is a freshwater fish with good protein and minerals like iodine. Get Quote. It also contains good amount of iodine, critical for the thyroid gland. The solution to this disease is by consuming pomfret fish which have vitamin D in it as well as exposing yourself to the sun light. You should not miss this: Hydroponic Farming Setup in India. Log In. A wide variety of fresh black pomfret fish options are available to you, such as brc, haccp, and iso. White Pomfret fishes provides calcium, vitamins A and D, including Vitamin B12. Table on contents of pomfret fish per 100 grams (source: Indonesia’s Ministry of Health Publication and other sources). It also offers iodine, critical for the thyroid gland. To start with, you can begin with Salmon. The proteins inside the fish have a short chain anyways, making it easy for the body to process it. Could you please tell me how frequently we can have Surmai fish? 100 % 15g Fat. Raw Raw - Black Pomfret. In Vietnam, Black Pomfret becomes a popular and regular dish due to its reasonable price and its various uses in different recipes from light meals to complex dishes. Do let us know if you have any other queries, we will be more than happy to assist you. It would be a very good idea to add this fish to yor diet. Black Pomfret Fish. The flesh is not as fine as the Silver Pomfret and a good Black Pomfret from the 泗水(Surabaya) region can have a very distinct fragrance. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Halwa is very low in calories and fat. Black Pomfret Fish , Find Complete Details about Black Pomfret Fish,Black Pomfret,Cheap Black Pomfret,Frozen Black Pomfret Price from Fish Supplier or … The vitamins you have mentioned are found predominantly in non veg sources so supplementation is vital as veg sources will only provide minimal amount and may not correct the deficiencies. I couldn’t find that in list. - black pomfret fish vs white pomfret -

The top layer of the soil containing accumulated waste matter from the previous crop of fish has to be removed. Your email address will not be published. Besides that, the soft, thick, and white texture also makes it a whole lot better. Pomfret is one of the most sought after fish in India and Southeast Asia due to it’s delicate white flesh with subtle “non-fishy” flavor. Read about company. In market Pomfret fish is also called as Butter Fish. The contents in it are able to decrease stroke emulsion up to 21% and decrease stroke severity up to 50%. The function of iron itself is to help recasting and reproducing the hemoglobin. If the osteomalacia usually attacks the adults, rachitic is a bone disease that usually attacks the children. Since a child’s immune system gets stronger from the age of 10 years, consuming black pomfret or any other saltwater fish will help strengthen the liver. Therefore, we need to take some steps in order to avoid this cancer. A seawater fish with one single bone. There are 239 calories in 20cm of pomfret Black Pomfret Deepfried. Tell me about chital fish ..!! It resembles Pomfret too. Nice topic choosen and great information. Log In. Methylmercury poisoning is just one concern; fish can also contain a toxicant called polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a manmade chemical disposed in water bodies. 100 gms of Pomfret Fish Contains Rejuvenating skin to make it stays beautiful and elastic is certainly what every woman always hoping for. White Halwa Black Pomfret Rs 500/Kg. You can start with fatty fish like Salmon. or any other sea fish? Get Quote. black pomfret fish. It is best if you speak to an expert to understand what kind of food you should and should not eat. Increased Vitamin B12 makes it important for the nervous system. The health benefits of baby banana can also be an alternative for you to help with, especiallee, children’s growth. This can be said since one of the causes of depression is a low level of omega 3 fatty acid. Pomfret is a type of Butterfish that is widely found in South Asia including the Indian Ocean. Could you suggest me based on availability and safety, which fish should I go for ? You will receive your FREE call shortly. White pomfret fish is good for steam, curry and fried. 100 % 24g Protein. I eat it thrice a week. Actually, Indonesia has started the same cultivation that has been done in Japan. Marukoban, or this pomfret fish, have a high concentration of nutrition in it. The contents in this fish have zero carbohydrate and calories, thus will not get in the way of your diet. does it contains high mercury content?we’ve started having it on daily basis as our dinner (2 to 3 tava fry slices), is it going to put any adverse effect if we intake Surmai fish daily? Many fish species carry high levels of the metal mercury — a dangerous contaminant that can affect the nervous system. However, there are not many people who likes to consume it lately, the number of people who consume this fish is way lower than those who consume tuna or even catfish. The primary concern with fish and mercury is in infants and young children, as their developing nervous systems are particularly vulnerable to mercury’s effects. Pomfret fishes are high in fat content, provides calcium, vitamins A and D, and B vitamins, including Vitamin B12. ... Rich in flavor & nutritional values alike, these silver pomfrets have wide demand in tourism and hospitality industries. Hii, dear Shruti…first of all blessings from all of us for the wonderful information you have provided here…I am a 47 yr old male with high bp problem….I had a stroke also…can I eat “ola bombil”? The accumulation of cholesterol because of bad fats such as saturated fat on foods can keep on increasing as we are adulating. It is safe to eat silver pomfret in moderation during confinement. Other health benefits of Pomfret Fish, that is offered by the omega 3 is to decrease the risk of heart failure. Very informative post. Pollution has only raised mercury levels in our oceans, lakes and streams, and this mercury is consumed by fish and converted to a toxin known as methylmercury. Thanks for the same. You may eat tuna, but in limited quantities, since it is high in mercury. Checkout our locally caught Black Pomfret & White Pomfret too. I thank the author to give readers such information about the mercury content in fish. Yes, your child can have black pomfret. This fish also gives your nutrient intake a healthy boost. Sign Up. One of the solutions to this is to let the children consume foods with vitamin D in it such as pomfret fish and exposure to the sun light as well. However, pregnant women and children should avoid consuming this particular fish. The vitamins are vitamin A, B1, and D. Unfortunately, we cant’t consume all of the nutrition in pomfret fish. Here are the foods from our food nutrition database that were used for the nutrition calculations of this recipe. White pomfret also known as the silver pomfret is fished in the coastal waters off the Middle East, South Asia. Thank you for sharing the article,quite informative. This is very tasty and delicious to eat. Hb (hemoglobin) is the one in charge to decide the normalcy of erythrocytes (red blood cells), which can surely help those of you who are suffering from anemia. But give it in moderation, that is, twice a month. That’s why pregnant women and those nursing are advised to be extremely careful about choosing the types of fish to eat.
Talk to our health experts today! Pomfret fish is also very easy to be processed into every day food in variety ways that can absolutely boost your appetite! Pomfret are found more commonly in Asia and parts of the Mediterranean , whereas pompano have a larger range. Several organizations keep track of which fish are low in mercury and other toxicants, aren’t endangered and still manage to benefit your heart and brain health. Mam i m a regular gym boy which fish can i eat on a regular basis .. can i eat bangda, pahadia , rawas, or some other fish please recommend me it would really helps me alot and what is the name of salmon fish in hindi or what is it called in local language. During my pregnancy I was very particular not to take fish that can have mercury content. Cleaning: This would be easier with the head off, but this fish is often used head-on. Hi how about black pomfret? With linoleate acid, then, or commonly known as omega 3, can help to control and prevent the spots from developing. In an ISSFAL Congress, it was also mentioned that fatty acid omega 3 nutrition is capable to increase brain cells’ function and decrease the nerves inflammation. 20 %2 gFat. With such nutrient rich composition, it is only natural that the Black Pomfret is good for the nervous system, eyesight and healthy hair and skin. In Vietnam, Black Pomfret becomes a popular and regular dish due to its reasonable price and Black Pomfret is used various uses in different recipes from light meals to complex dishes. About 89% of these are fish, 2% are aquariums equipments, and 2% are fishing lures. With higher composition of calcium, vitamins A and D, B and B12, makes Black Pomfret one of the most sought after fishes in the region. But would love to add this to my diet plan. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. I was not knowing about the mercury content in fish which is very harmful. 30 Health Benefits of Pomfret Fish (Research-Based), Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, 12 Superior Prawns Benefits for Skin Health and Skin Appearance, 23 Super Health Benefits of Nori #1 Top Beauty Tricks, 15 Secret Health Benefits of Pangasius Fish for Body, 14 Amazing Health Benefits of Gindara Fish You Never Know, Let’s Get to Know the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Skin, Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Citrus Fruit for Immune System, 5 Wondrous Health Benefits of Ginger Tea with Honey, 5 Marvelous Health Benefits of Lemongrass Oil, 4 Amazing Hidden Benefits of Okra for Baby. Yes, your child can have black pomfret. Thanks a lot for posting this article. I shall be careful while eating fish now. Consuming the pomfret fish every day will allow you to decrease the risks of depression. But that doesn’t mean including fish in your diet doesn’t have a downside. Vella Vaaval(Tamil), Akoli, Avoli(Malayalam). “pomfret? Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. I take mime sourced from a canal of Rohtak, which is a subsidiary of Yamuna. Get Quote. Meat My Treat brings you the best Sea Water Black Pomfret. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. For those of you who wants to maintain your weight or are on your diet, it is suggested to consume the pomfret fish. Serving as a Sr. Nutritionist at HealthifyMe, she aims to help her clients to make small changes in their lifestyle that will positively impact their health. Daily Goals. Omega 3 is also useful to be a medicine and also prevent stroke. Hi Ritu, as a person who has lived all his life in the coastal belt, I certainly understand the nutritious aspect of eating fish. The omega-3 you get from fish – also known as long-chain omega-3s, EPA and DHA — are extremely beneficial. The main cause of this disease is lacks of vitamin D and minerals in the bones, thus disturbing the development of the bones. Pomfret fish are widely consumed because they have amazing taste and have very less spines. The disease will make the bones weak and not strong enough. This butter fish is actually white Promfret fish. Rs 500/Kg. Dining on one or two servings of fish as your protein every week can lower risk of heart attack by almost one-third. That is why-Children can also consume Pomfret fish which ultimately gives great health benefits. The Silver Pomfret fish is the most common of these three species, followed by P.niger and P.chinensis. For steaming, the Teochews prefer the former but a fresh black pomfret can taste very nice when steamed as well. Black Pomfret [C. Parastromateus niger] Actually not a Pomfret but a Pompano (the two families look a lot alike), this is an Indo-West Pacific fish ranging from the north coast of Australia to southern Japan and from Africa to Borneo. Experts recommend pregnant women avoid sea-water fishes like swordfish (myli meen), tuna and shark and choose fish that are found in local ponds like rohu, hilsa, surmai (kingfish) etc instead. Increased Vitamin B12 makes it important for the nervous system. Pomfrets have flat bodies and deeply forked tails. It holds together well enough to poach fillets, Black Pomfret is a good source of protein and it doesn’t have the high saturated fat.. One of the substances inside pomfret fish is the iron that goes up to 2 mg. What about Sheri fish? Very informative article. Fish is a great source of heart-healthy lean protein. Pampus chinensis Mandarin: 斗鲳 (Dòu chāng) also known as: 斗底 Malay: Ikan Bawal Tambak One of the famous freshwater fish in Indonesia is the pomfret fish. 10 Best HIIT Cardio Workout for Weight Loss, 7 Health Reasons Why Ginger Should Be a Mandatory Part of Your Diet, 6 Health Benefits of Ghee you should know about, Height Weight Chart: Ideal Weight for Men and Women, Moong Dal: Health Benefits, Nutrition & Recipes. This can be done by many ways such as consuming the pomfret fish. So step up your beauty regime with a portion of Black Pomfret. Pomfret fishes are high in fat content, provides calcium, vitamins A and D, and B­vitamins, including Vitamin B12. You'd need to walk 26 minutes to burn 93 calories. Silver or white pomfret and black pomfret are the two most popularly sold fishes in India. Adults who have high exposure levels (which is an unlikely outcome of eating a few servings of fish) can experience significant central nervous system damage as well. You may consume all the three kinds of fish you have mentioned, however, please make you restrict your consumption to twice a week. Hi,I am 28 yr old my vitamin b12 and vitamin D values are low, I m a veggie since last 5yrs , Dr had advised me to take suplimemrsand include fish and other diary products, or the beginner which one do you prefer which is rich in above nutrients.. One of the ways to prevent this is by consuming fish for its omega 3 content (DHA and EPA). offers 39 fresh black pomfret fish products. From the different kinds of fish that have been listed in the article, the best pick would be to start off with salmon, if you want to introduce fish into your daughter’s diet. I live in Chandigarh (Punjab)I would like to incorporate fish into my 5 years old daughter diet. Bangada (mackarel), hilsa, tilapia and pomfret (butterfish) are your best picks. Since a child’s immune system gets stronger from the age of 10 years, consuming black pomfret or any other saltwater fish will help strengthen the liver. Rs 900/Kg. It has been listed as low in mercury, and thus serves as a healthy alternative for fish that have high levels of mercury. The article states that this fish contains moderate mercury and one can eat six servings or fewer per month; however, pregnant women and small children should avoid these. I live in New Delhi and don’t know much about fish dishes. There are a lot of pomfret fish benefits that are very helpful for your every day life, aren’t there? This disease attacks the memory or storage media since it degrades the brain cells that can make the patient to suffer a severe memory loss. There are usually slightly darker pink/ greyish colouration on the Chinese Pomfret as well. Even according to some researches, pomfret fish in Japan have a nutrition quality that is way higher than those in other countries. Pomfret is a type of jackfish, which is a different genus than pompano fish. Paplet Nutritional Value per 100 grams Hi,Is it safe to eat bombay duck (bombil) fish during first trimester or during whole pregnancy? Generic Generic - Fish, Pomfret, White, Fried. Even the proteins inside the fish can help your body to fix the broken tissues instead. If you happen to notice some symptoms of dementia within your body or people around you, don’t forget to go consume pomfret fish immediately. Freshwater Pomfret arming which is classified as ferocious and includes everything that eats fish (omnivores). 80 %18 gProtein. For those of you who can afford to consume fish every day, this may be a way to decrease the risk of developing dementia such as Alzheimer. By consuming the fish every day, then the vitamin D can help to rejuvenate your skin and makes it look healthier and fresher. But if you really consider yourself as a seafood lover, then you really need to try this fish. This blog is written in the most informative manner. You can book a free consultation call on the HealthifyMe app and get in touch with our team of experts. One of the tips to do this, is, by consuming foods that contains vitamin D in it, such as the pomfret fish. Black Pomfret is not only a delicious fish but also very nutritional, Black Pomfret is rich with Omega-3 and Protein. You haven’t mentioned Pangasius farmed in the canals. November 4, 2020; Posted in Uncategorized; 0 Comments; If you are one of those people who is wondering what does Pompano Fish taste like? What would be best for me as I am first time taker of fish. White Pomfret is also good for […] Nowadays, a lot of parents are stimulating their children’s growth by giving them additional supplements. There are so many fish that I got to know after reading the blog. Silver Pomfret calories for 300g (1 fish small edible part) is 525Cal at 175Cal per 100g serving size, rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, Silver Pomfret (Seafood) is also known as White Pomfret / Zubaidi / Managatsuo / Pampus argenteus, and has a diet rating of 3.5, 3 for filling, and 3 for nutritional value. White Pomfret are found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Fish’s meat can indeed give benefits to many people, such as the health benefits vanjaram fish as well as health benefits mukene fish. It is most difficult to distinguish between the Chinese Pomfret and the White Pomfret but the easiest way to tell them apart is via the broadness and shape at the head and width from fin to fin (see graphics below for a shape comparison). Truly brilliant article! These are commonly found on the west and east coasts of India. It seems to be an informative blog for everyone. Black Pomfrets are quite different from Chinese Silver and Silver pomfrets. what about murell? Impressive blog! 1 kg Black Pomfret 1 tablespoon turmeric powder 2 tablespoon’s chilly powder 1 tablespoon salt 1 cup rawa / semolina 1 cup rice flour 1 tablespoon tamarind paste (optional) 1 tablespoon oil Procedure: Wash the pomfret till its clean. One of the substances that supports the growth of child’s brain is the fish oil … Sign Up. Rohu and Catla belong to the carp family. White Pomfret are important food sources specially Brama brama in the South Asia. Pomfret is a non-oily fish and has white meat which is highly delicious. In a small plate, mix salt, chilly and turmeric powder. Once you get accustomed to the taste of fish you can maintain the intake of the required vitamins with rich sources. There are many health benefits of Pomfret Fish that you should know. One of the foods is this pomfret fish that contains, again, omega 3. Home » Food & Bevarages » Fish » 30 Health Benefits of Pomfret Fish (Research-Based). The cause of this is the abnormality function of tissue when it is processing the development of mineral on the bones. Chital fish can be consumed 2-4 times a week, however it is not to be consumed by lactating mothers and infants. As for black pomfret fish, it contains a high concentration of omega 3 and omega 6 AA. This is also supported by Dr. Rajiv Chowdhury, that consuming two to four portions of fish per day can help to avoid the risks of developing stroke. This fish also known as Paplet(पापलेट) in Hindi, Vella Avoli(വെള്ള ആവോലി)in Malayalam. This can make the bones weak and very easy to break, which usually happens on adults. Seer fish also contains high mercury content. All content is informational purpose only, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The contents such as DHA and EPA turns out to have positive responds for neurocognitive on children. In Vietnam there are many kinds of Pomfret, but Black and White Pomfret are typical products for export. There are also some other weight loss foods that you can try in case you are not really into this pomfret fish. We only get to consume about 80% of the good taste of pomfret fish. They call it as Shimaji fish since it has a high level of nutrition. Another benefit of pomfret fish is to protect and maintain the body’s immune system. Searches related to Pomfret Fish in Mumbai. Fish that are high on the food chain consume other contaminated fish, thus compounding their mercury levels, which is why it’s best to choose smaller fish, lower on the food chain, to eat. Pomfret. This research was done on June 29th-30th 2011 at the ISSFAL (International Society for the Study off Fatty Acids and Lipids) Congress in Stockholm. Some nutrition inside the pomfret fish have huge benefits for the body, such as: One of the substances that supports the growth of child’s brain is the fish oil inside pomfret fish. Using feeds that have 30% protein content, 30% carbohydrates, and about 20% fat levels that triggerfish growth will have a fast growth rate. Thank you! Murrell has been claimed to help in treating many diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, strokes, asthma etc. There are 39 fresh black pomfret fish suppliers, mainly located in Asia. It’s a must to understand your body type and your fitness goals before suggesting a diet to you. Can I have it? You can try it at Kepulauan Seribu, since this Japanese pomfret fish can only survive in habitats with 28-30 celcius degrees. Hope this helps you!He sd start with small portion and watch for any discomfort. It also contains good amount of … I always knew how beneficial fish is for humans. I am giving seer fish to my kids weekly once ,can I continue, please suggest. They are typically prepared whole after the inner organs of the fish have been removed. Log Food. Pomfret fishes mainly live in Vietnam seas and various rivers. It can help stimulate your brain tissues and cells. Daily Goals. Lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily. But give it in moderation, that is, twice a month. What about sheer fish..big one? The osteomalacia is a disease that attacks the tissues on human body. Breast cancer is one of the diseases that are very difficult to cure. accordingly it is better not to take tuna at all ? White Pomfret fishes provides calcium, vitamins A and D, including Vitamin B12. Here’s a list: Osteoporosis – A new health threat on the rise. Parastromateus niger (Black Pomfret) Pampus Sinesis (Grey Pomfret) Pampus argentius (Sliver Pomfret) Silver Pomfret. Pomfret originated from the Portugese word 'pampo'. This nutrition is well-fitted for those of you who are easy to catch cold, flu, cough, or even headache. Pomfret fish is one of the public’s favorites in Japan. Sunlight exposure will help to a certain extent for Vitamin D levels. The omega 3 fatty acid itself is one of the essential fatty acids. MahiMahi, also known as Dolphin fish, is a healthy low-fat fish taht you can add to your diet. But as of now supplements will be wiser. How does this food fit … or otherwise known as snake head fish? black pomfret fish vs white pomfret. A rich source of lean protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium, you are eating a morsel full of health and delightful flavour. I have just entered club of high bp and diabeties. 0 %--Carbs. Get contact details and address| ID: 15657700662

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